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“To Learn” Verbs


I. Theory

Like in English, there are various verbs used to convey the action of learning in German. These nuances include finding out information, determining information, and learning information either by way of study or experience.

II. “To Learn” Verbs


This verb translates most directly to “to learn” in English. It therefore has a wide range of uses.

Was hast du heute in der Schule gelernt?
What did you learn at school today?

Es ist nicht einfach, eine neue Sprache zu lernen.
It’s not easy learning a new language.

*Ich habe sehr viel für die Prüfung gelernt.
I studied a lot for the test.

*At times, lernen can also be translated as “to study.”


Can directly translate to “to experience” but also “to learn (by experience).” In some context, erfahren can mean “to find out.”

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