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Verbs with Prepositions — Part 3


I. Theory

There are many verbs in German that take specific prepositions. These prepositions show how the action is being done to the verb and thus are usually found in between the verb and its object. An English example of this would be “to talk to” versus “to talk about.” Here, we see how important it is that the correct preposition is used. More information can be found in the lesson “Verbs with Prepositions (Part 2).”

Ich suche nach Quellen für meine Doktorarbeit.
I am looking for sources for my dissertation.

Man muss auf E-Mails von unbekannten Absendern achten.
You have to watch out for emails from unknown senders.

Der Ort unseres Picknicks hängt vom Wetter ab.
Our picnic’s location depends on the weather.

II. Verbs and Their Prepositions

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