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Adverbs of Place — Part 1


I. Theory

Adverbs of place are used to show the location where an action has taken place, is taking place, or will take place. Examples of adverbs of place in English are: “outside,” “above,” and “here.”

Seit wann wohnst du hier?
Since when have you lived here?

Wir verbringen viel Zeit draußen.
We spend a lot of time outside.

Die Kinder müssen heute wegen der Kälte drinnen bleiben.
The children must stay inside today due to the cold.

II. Adverbs of Place

This lesson will focus on four adverbs of place: hier, da, drinnen, and draußen. In terms of word order, adverbs of place are often found either after time and manner information, or at the beginning of the sentence if they are stressed.

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