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Adverbs of Manner - Part 3


I. Theory

Although German adverbs generally do not take an adverbial suffix, the suffix -weise is attached to a small group of adjectives (and some nouns) when they are used as adverbs. This is seen in English with adverbs ending in -wise (likewise, moneywise, timewise). In this lesson, we will cover four descriptive adverbs with this suffix.

Vorsicht! Die Brücke ist nur teilweise repariert worden.
Be careful! The bridge has only been partly repaired.

Ich höre die Kinder nicht. Möglicherweise sind sie ins Bett gegangen.
I don’t hear the kids. Perhaps they went to bed.

II. Adverbs of Manner

The following list contains an additional 4 adverbs of manner that are frequently used. In the standard German sentence, the information regarding the manner in which an action is done is found in between time and place information. However, it is common to see adverbs at the beginning of sentences as well.

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