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Flavoring Particles (Modalpartikel) - Part 3


I. Recap

In this lesson we will review four German flavoring particles in further depth as the context in which they are used can be very specific at times. For each particle, we will review its meaning and look at further examples of how it is used.

II. Flavoring Particles (eben, nun, also, ja)


As a flavoring particle, eben conveys acceptance of a situation or agreement.

- Du hattest recht, dieses Dorf ist wirklich schön!
- Eben!
- You were right, this village is really beautiful!
- It really is!

Wenn ihr ihre Stelle nicht gefällt, dann muss
sie sich eben etwas anderes suchen.
If she doesn’t like her job, then
she should just look for something else.


As a flavoring particle, it is often combined with “(ein)mal”. It has essentially the same meaning as eben and is also used to show acceptance of a situation. We see it often translated as “just”.

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