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Flavoring Particles (Modalpartikel) - Part 2


I. Recap

In this lesson we will review four German flavoring particles in further depth as the context in which they are used can be very specific at times. For each particle, we will review its meaning and look at further examples of how it is used.

II. Flavoring Particles (denn, zwar, überhaupt, schon)


This particle is used to show interest but can also be used to convey impatience, disbelief or aggression.
Wo hast du denn Niederländisch gelernt?
So, where did you learn Dutch?

Hast du denn deinen Verstand verloren?!
Have you lost your mind?!

Was denkst du denn?
So, what do you think?


Generally translates to “it’s true” or “to be sure” but is oftentimes followed by a counter argument introduced with aber.

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