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Adjectives and their Prepositions (Part 2)


I. Recap

Adjectives in German are often paired with prepositions. To review: a preposition is a word placed before or after a noun to show its relationship to other parts of the sentence. Since prepositions take cases, it is necessary to know if the particular preposition takes the accusative, dative, or genitive.

Mein Nachbar ist mit vielen Polizisten befreundet.
My neighbor is friends with many police officers.

Die Arbeiter waren entsetzt über die Möglichkeit, dass der Geschäftsführer die Firma verkaufen würde.
The workers were horrified by the possibility that the CEO would sell the firm.

Meine Familie ist begeistert von meinen Besuch im Sommer.
My family is thrilled about my visit this summer.

II. Additional adjectives and their prepositions

Here, you will find a list of additional adjectives and the prepositions they take (common adjectives can be found in Part 1).

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