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Superlatives as Adverbs


I. Theory

Like in English, superlative constructions can be used as adverbs in German. Some English examples include: “at (the) least,” “at the latest,” “at all possible.”

In German, the superlative form is formed by simply adding -(e)st or -estens to the end of the adjective.

Ich muss meinen Aufsatz bis spätestens Freitag abliefern.
I have to turn in my essay by Friday at the latest.

Er geht möglichst oft ins Fitnessstudio.
He goes to the gym as often as possible.

II. Superlative Constructions

This lesson will focus on 4 commonly used superlative constructions: möglichst, spätestens, äußerst and, wenigstens.

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