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Comparatives and Superlatives (Part 2): The Superlative


I. Theory

The superlative is an adjectival form that shows that a noun has the most of a given quality when compared with other nouns, usually a group of 3 or more. In English, adjectives in the superlative form end in -est or simply take the adverb “most”. In German, superlatives are always formed with an -(e)st suffix on the adjective. Generally, the “e” is found with monosyllabic adjectives or those ending in -t, -s, , -sch, or d.

Gestern war der heißeste Tag des Sommers.
Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer.

Meine Mutter bestellt immer das teuerste Gericht auf der Karte.
My mother always orders the most expensive dish on the menu.

Mein Bruder ist der schnellste Spieler seiner Mannschaft.
My brother is the fastest player on his team.

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