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Negation Words



In German, negation words are the negative equivalents of several nouns and adverbs. We see this concept in English: “someone vs. no one; somewhere vs. nowhere; something vs. nothing.” The same opposite pairs exist in German.

– Hast du angerufen?
– Ja, aber es hat niemand geantwortet.
– Did you call?
– Yes, but no one answered.

– Hast du jemanden auf der Straße gesehen?
– Nee, ich habe niemanden gesehen.
– Did you see someone on the street?
– No, I didn’t see anyone.

– Was habt ihr heute Abend vor?
– Wir haben heute Abend nichts vor.
– We have nothing planned for tonight.
– What do you have planned for tonight?

II. Negation Words

The following are the most frequently seen negation words along with the affirmative counterparts.

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